With a rich history of innovation, efficiency and good sense, our team stands ready to assist you. Whether you need industrial engineering design work, prototyping, controls, robotics, heavy equipment installations, Machine Learning (Deep Learning), pneumatics, hydraulics, etc., you will see as you visit the pages of this site that we are well prepared to deliver on a variety of projects and activities.

Welcome to a tight-knit team that produces results. Welcome to
JW Design Works Consulting Engineers.

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John Wetteland

With professional experience ranging from industrial factories and assembly lines to aerospace and medical devices,
John Wetteland has put himself on the map as an accomplished engineer and formed the company that is today
JW Design Works Consulting Engineers.

The company justly bears his initials in testament to maintaining the forthright character and qualities many companies and individuals have come to know and respect. Your engineering team has therefore been selected in adherence to these same qualities: being innovative, sensible and without diffidence in the art of getting things done.


Your Engineering Team

heavy machinery

A Nexus of Efficiency

Our Modus Operundai is very personal and devoid of crippling bureaucracy. This allows initiative and "that little extra" that comes from ease of communication so vital in resolving complex matters at speed.

One aspect you will enjoy through our work is the rare ability to engineer with an entire system in mind. Meaning, we avoid the overly simplistic view of "start with the 'first' component (such as a frame or base) and add one peice at a time". This over-simplicity, a fundamental error, causes a series of assumptions making a designer "paint themselves into a corner" they cannot get out of. Companies that do this then call upon us to resolve their issues, which we do.

By designing with the entire system in mind we save you costly rebuilds and achieve truly integrated functioning machinery.

The Mastery is in the Doing

Every member of our team has not only traditional education capitalizing on the heritage of the greats (such as Archimedes, Newton & Tesla) but like those greats themselves we require a healthy dose of proven
hands-on experience as well. Thus our members have a balance of scientific theory and practical application resulting superior know-how when it comes to engineering.

As a result our crew are well prepared to be innovative and effective in a variety of applications. Rescuing the stalled projects of other engineering teams is not only our norm it is where we truly shine.

Whether it is custom controls, heavy assembly line machinery or a new medical device programmed to push the limits of effective medicine, our clients can be certain their automated requirements will be achieved with good sense, safety and the reliability afforded by modern science.

Reliability & Experience Under One Roof

In addition to a formidable network of contacts born of decades in the business to get you the best materials available, there is something to be said of having an experienced collection of engineers and machinists under one roof that each average over 30 years of professional experience.

This can be summed up in one simple concept: proven well grooved methodology and reliable results achieved.

We hold quite a few capabilities under one roof, so while our wishful competitors are waiting for a machinist in another town, we are roaring along on prototype assembly with well crafted parts. Keeping your time-table and requirements in view, we approach each project as coordinated whole of aligned parts. In short, we know how to get the job done.