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Rescuing an Industrial Assembly Line

When all else fails, call John Wetteland and his Team - FAST!

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Advancing the Capabilities of Modern Medicine

One day this machine may save the life of someone you know

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Technology to Protect Our Borders

Smart design, smooth results

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Today's Students are Tomorrow's Professionals

While many consider that giving back to the community is a thankless task, JW Design Works Consulting & Design has embraced helping tomorrow's generation. Above is a photo of John Wetteland with a group of students he helped design and build their own solar boat for the annual Solar Boat competition held by the Western Municipal Water District which raises awareness of environmental concerns with hands on projects that promote moral pride in caring for one's community. These young people will carry the experience and confidence gained for the rest of their lives.

"I personally would like to thank John for setting a good example and for teaching us how to do some really cool stuff! I'm super proud of the Solar Boat we built, this was an amazing experience!" - High School Student

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Four words to save a project:
"I know a guy"

It can happen to any design team: they are building a design along a certain groove and soon find themselves painted into a corner with no way out. This is the moment where you cannot pull out your college degree and wave it at the problem. You need that guy, that one with the beard that lives out on a hill top in the middle of nowhere that is equally comfortable discussing nuclear or medical technology, the one who has worked in so many industries it just becomes absurd to list them all. John Wetteland has prospered in business for decades without so much as a door sign, because when people get desperate they would track him down to his unlisted address and he would bail them out. So whether it was BMW seeking know-how on how to build a new engine, or an Industrial Assembly Line that needed a custom retrofit of their machines; John Wetteland has been in the business so long he can tie various technologies together and blend them into an efficient whole that serves your timetables and bottom line.

What Goes Around Comes Around

We know that the first rule of business is: live up to your word. For us that means going the extra mile for our customers, it means our high quality results ARE the vanguard of our future prosperity. The best form of promotion is word of mouth. This is achieved through quality, perhaps even beyond that expected by the customer. For example a steel gear may need to be tough enough to handle high torque, we ensure that its properly tempered at a molecular level so it won't be brittle and snap in the moment of truth - when you need it most. Another example is that when we choose materials and parts for your new machine, we work to select parts that you can easily buy "off the shelf" that will keep down your future costs after your machine has been patented. You will be done with us, but still reaping the benefits. Then when a friend asks you who to see to get work done you naturally think of us. This is never something required of our customers, but it is a well known datum we live by: What Goes Around Comes Around.