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Expert Consultation

The knowledgeable application of intellect by an experienced professional can help you actualize your engineering goals.

Expertise is gained through knowledge, observation and experience. With over three decades in the automation field not a day goes by without us amassing further know-how to best serve our business partners in obtaining cutting edge solutions grounded in proven methodology. We are expert in a variety of technologies and integrating them is our way of life. Our results and clients can speak for themselves. We have found that no matter the task there is always something that can be done about it and we look forward to helping you make things turn out right.
If Science is the pursuit of truth, engineering is the application of that truth.
Knowledge, experience and well-considered solutions make or break many a project.
In point of fact JW Design Works Consulting & Design has operated in business for decades just from becomming known as the team that gets it done. When a project is stalled we move in and resolve it. It can happen that even good engineers "paint themselves into a corner". Sometimes it is simply the fact on which Einstein remarked when he stated you cannot judge a fish by how well they climb trees. Our job is not to say that we're better than other engineers but to help our partners achieve the goals of a project. We have proven versatile in unstalling a wide range of engineering projects, R&D or otherwise, this is an area in which JW Automation Consulting & Design truly excels.

The beautiful thing about the JW Design Works team is that they have been in the business so long they know how to blend old and new technology and get the best out of all worlds to achieve my needs as a client. They have been 5 stars all the way.

George Ferreira

Westwood Laboratories

John Wetteland's team have demonstrated pervasive mastery of the entire range of industrial mechanics and design, if it needs doing I can tell you this team can get it done.

Marc Santamaria

Panasonic Industrial Devices

I have worked a couple of projects with John Wetteland. All of them have turned out well and complete. I found he was especially good with developing prototypes and new systems. I would recommend him as a good integrator in future projects.

Bill Saunders

VP at Motion Solutions


Because our on-premises engineers and machinists average 30 years of professional experience on a variety of projects so wide as to become ridiculous. But whether one needs advice or assistance on a design, plan, project, device, assembly line, etc, we stand ready to assist you in the effective completion of your task.

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We also know that no matter how much technology we have amassed individually, we owe it to our clients to never stop learning, using and examining new technology. So not only are we solidly grounded in the tried and true traditions of fields we have kept up with and contributed to innovation, extending what is possible. It bears mention that we could not have gotten to where we are today without many many others along the way, we owe a debt to those who came before us and in their own time paved a way for us. And we are grateful too for our expert contacts in countless specialties for no individual has a monopoly on knowledge. We have grown with our crafts and so understand them at their core and it is only because of this we can advance existing subjects as necessary to complete tasks others consider beyond their realm.
Whatever it is you would like help with, contact us, see what's possible for you.

  • How to retrofit a system?
  • Designing a new component or system?
  • Need help un-stalling an existing project?
  • Want an existing project done faster or in a better way?

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Expertise in a variety of fields, not limited to:

  • Automation (prototyping and retrofitting)
  • Assembly Lines (installation, retrofitting, maintenance)
  • Electrical Systems
  • Pneumatics
  • Hydraulics
  • Controls & Control Panels
  • Metallurgy
  • Machining
  • Motion Control (Robtics)
  • Large Equipment (Installs, Retrofits, Operation)
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Vision (mechanical imagery recognition by machines)
  • Deep Learning (Machine Learning)
  • Fine Motion Control (to 5 millionths of an inch)
  • Electronics
  • Temperature Control
  • Analytical Equipment (Such as medical devices)
  • Industrial Systems (Factories, Defense Systems, etc.)
  • Prototyping (components/machines)
At JW Design Works Consulting and Design,
we stand ready to assist in your engineering needs and requirements.