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A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession.

Hippocrates - Greek physician

Loma Linda University Hospital is world renowned for medical innovation and results. For those familiar with the medical community at the Loma Linda University, chances are you have heard of Dr Brian S. Bull -- in fact there is a large building named in his honor, rightly so. Dr Brian Bull is a hardworking visionary whom has been researching and innovating with his colleagues for decades to advance medical solutions vital to both routine and emergency medical treatment. A crowning jewel of Dr Brian Bull's work has been his innovative research into blood analysis: to rapidly and correctly analyze and diagnose patients' blood conditions. As roughly one third of human deaths are caused by irregular blood clotting, these discoveries could not be more necessary. Using his research discoveries he has assisted countless surgeries and medical recoveries. There is unfortunately only one Dr Brian Bull whereas his expertise is needed everywhere.

Even under the personal tutelage of Dr Brian Bull, the runway is long to train medical professionals and this would not soon fill the needs of this technology. It was then Loma Linda University sought out an engineer team equal to the task of designing and assembling a groundbreaking machine that could employ and integrate a variety of technologies ranging from optics and robotics to Machine Learning and temperature control to give diagnostic information never before available. JW Design Works Consulting & Design has proven themselves more than equal to this task. We are both proud and humbled to play a part in these medical advances (now achieved) becomming FDA approved and available to hospitals and saving lives throughout the world.
Dr Brian S. Bull and Loma Linda University have been inspiring partners to work with and we open our doors to future challenges. Come one, come all.

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