Rescuing an Industrial Assembly Line

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I recommend John and his team without reservation. They have proven knowledgeable and efficient in everything I have needed. When I later heard someone say 'When all else fails, call John Wetteland' I thought 'Yes, totally!' - John definitely knows how to move in on a problem and save the day, that's just the truth of it.

George Ferreira - Factory Manager Westwood Labs

Imagine for a moment you are a plant manager and your company just invested a sizeable sum for new heavy machinery for your production line and, although just purchased, it does not work properly. On top of that your equipment instructions are in another language and you have no way of getting a return of funds for your company. Profits are being lost every moment that assembly line fails to produce. Return of investment? Not so great at that moment.

Such was the predicament George found himself in. But, ever proactive, George asked around for solutions and finally came to track down a gray-bearded master engineer that could handle the computer programming, the control pannels work, the integration of the assembly line, etc.

Tracking the master down was quite a trick because at that time this website did not exist, in fact there was not so much as a door sign to track down John Wetteland. Just by his good work, those in the industry came to know John Wetteland is simply the man who can. George got a hold of John and in short order had his heavy equipment up and operating with manufacturing glitches and programming errors remedied and the entire assembly line smoothly integrated for the profitable operation it is today.

Today George and John are bound by a friendship forged in a moment of truth. So when it absolutely needs to work remember that datum: "When all else fails, call John Wetteland - Fast!"

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