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John Wetteland's team have demonstrated pervasive mastery of the entire range of industrial mechanics and design, if it needs doing I can tell you this team can get it done.

Marc Santamaria – Panasonic Industrial Devices

Pneumatics, hydraulics, electrics and electronics, motion control, computer vision and other machine learning? Yes, we can do these things. Large equipment experience, fine control experience (such as the tool we designed for the aircraft industry, accurate within 50 millionths of an inch) again, this is within our ability.

In fact our team of engineers and machinists average over 30 years experience in the professional mechanical arts. We bring you a fluid mastery, dovetailing components and technology platforms to a degree not broadly available. Defense Contractors will find it amply worth their while to employ our team in consulting on projects and in creating new prototypes. Our experience and effectiveness have gained sound principles and good sense to combine with our innovative edge to produce reliability and results.

Mastery requires cohesive details that are innovative yet rooted in the good sense only born through experience and constant learning. While most engineers design one item at a time, feeling their way out as they go, our specialists are so conversant with their subjects that they design with the whole process in mind at all times, so perspective is never lost.What this means for your bottom line is that projects are not constantly stalled by engineers "painting themselves into corners" requiring costly re-builds.

Also we design with YOUR process in mind. We are excellent at making custom parts but also, where possible, we will select components that YOU will be able to "purchase off a shelf" to keep your later costs down when you begin replicating your now assembled and patented prototypes. We design with the client's needs in mind.

We factor in such things as the climate your machines will need to deploy and operate in so your customers need not be hit with heart stopping glitches unanticipated merely because the device was built in winter and employed in summer. We know that smooth deployment of equipment is crucial to you and we stand behind the good work we do, knowing it will serve you well.

Design, Prototyping, Consulting on Projects: Yes, affirmative. Contact us on what is the right for you.

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