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I have worked a couple of projects with John Wetteland. All of them have turned out well and complete. I found he was especially good with developing prototypes and new systems. I would recommend him as a good integrator future projects.

Bill Saunders – VP at Motion Solutions

Medical machinery and devices assist healthcare professionals in a variety of zones. Machinery extends human capability in examining medical phenomena beyond the range of direct sensory perception, it also assists in analytical breakdowns, metrics, pathological diagnoses, record keeping and even direct health support.

Medical devices have been not only assisting the accuracy of medical decisions and care; in many ways mechanical technology directly helps proliferate the knowledge base and effectiveness of top medical professionals, by translating their medical know-how into dependable mechanical applications benefitting patients through more effective diagnosis and treatment.

Rooted in medical science, automation engineering solutions are employed to blend several technologies into a versatile machine. These technologies include robotics (machine controlled motion), machine sensory and recording (x-ray, sound, magnetic, kinetic, infrared, etc), and computer algorithms to monitor or control factors of health.

JW Design Works Consulting & Design has the know-how to engage a wide array of mechanical expertise including Machine Learning (often called Artifical Intelligence) integrated to ensure complex yet reliable medical applications in a timely, accurate and consistent manner to assist healthcare professionals in achieving diagnoses, knowledgeable prognoses and treatment for patients under their care. When dependability is a must, call JW Automation Consulting & Design.

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