Industrial Robotics & Systems

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Real-world Efficiency & Results

John Wetteland's team have demonstrated pervasive mastery of the entire range of industrial mechanics and design, if it needs doing I can tell you this team can get it done.

Marc Santamaria – Panasonic Industrial Devices

Our team stands ready to assist you in your industrial robotics and systems. Having successfully designed, assembled, installed, positively retrofitted and integrated a myriad of machinery systems, we can service a wide variety of engineering needs in this zone with real-world results.

We have know how in electrics and electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, controls and control panels, motion control on multi-axis machinery, computer programing of machines, etc.

Our on-premises engineers and machinists average decades of mechanical experience on a variety of projects so diverse (from manufacturing lines to theme parks) they are too numerous to herein list. But whether one needs advice or assistance on a design, plan, project, device, assembly line, etc, we stand ready to assist you in the effective and intelligent completion of your task.

Give us a call, email or text and we will discuss what is right for you.

Other Professions We Service:
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we stand ready to assist in your engineering needs and requirements.