Industrial Assembly Lines

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Decades of Experience

JW Design Works has the unique ability to blend several technologies into an integrated whole and that is what they have done for my manufacturing line and for that I could not be more grateful!

George Ferreira - Factory Manager at Westwood Labs

JW Design Works Consulting & Design has decades of real world know-how in servicing a variety of industrial assembly lines, and proudly offers a variety of installation, retrofitting, programming and integration of your assembly lines so they operate with speed and reliability.

Assembly Lines exist as a coordinated series of parts with the express purpose of efficient manufacture and packaging. These parts include controls, computing power (hardware and software), robotics and the smooth technical integration of these things for use by their operators in the attainment of valuable goods.

It can happen glitches in machinery can bring production of goods to a standstill thus wasting raw material, hours of paid personnel and causing your business a loss of profit and sometimes upset to your un-serviced clientele waiting for fulfillment of their sales orders.

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